Attracting YouTube views is a key aspect of growing your YouTube channel. It can be a tricky task but there are several ways you can increase your views. This article highlights simple strategies you can implement and some more advanced techniques used by experts.

  1. Create an enticing title
    The first step to increasing your YouTube video views is to create a compelling title. This needs to be informative but also a bit provocative to grab attention. It can be useful to include a keyword in the title if possible. This will help YouTube’s algorithm match your video to relevant search queries. Keywords such as ‘how to’,’reviews’, and ‘tutorials’ have been proven to be effective.
  2. Optimise your keywords
    It is important to optimise the keywords in your YouTube video’s title and description. This will ensure that your video is displayed to the right people and that they can find it easily. It is important to research what the most popular keywords are in your niche and then incorporate them into your video title and description.
  3. Boost session time
    YouTube now considers watch time as the most important performance metric for videos. Increasing your watch time will help you get more organic views. This can be achieved through creating a viewing loop by using cards and end screens to encourage viewers to keep watching your content.
  4. Use social media
    Using social media to promote your videos is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your YouTube video. Ensure that you are targeting the right audience with your posts and use hashtags to get the most exposure for your video.

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