A solid conservatory roof is a great way to enjoy your conservatory all year round. Unlike glass or polycarbonate it allows you to regulate the temperature and reduces the issue of Conservatory Heat Loss. However a solid roof will be more expensive than a glass or polycarbonate alternative and can also require more structure to be built.

Building regulations dictate that any replacement conservatory roof needs to comply with the latest edition of the current Building Regulations. This ensures that your new conservatory roof is structurally sound, weatherproof and complies with the latest fire safety regulations. You’ll want to choose a national installer with experience of installing new solid conservatory roofs and with LABC (Local Authority Building Control) registered details.

Unlike replacement roofs such as a polycarbonate or glass roof, solid conservatory roofs are constructed from a timber frame with an insulated timber boarding. They’re then covered with lightweight tiles or shingles in a variety of colours and styles to suit your existing home.

The cost of a solid conservatory roof is influenced by the type of materials chosen and any extra work required such as lighting or plastering. The price will also depend on the pitch of your existing roof and whether you have any doors or windows in the roof.

Thermotec roof panels are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to replace their existing conservatory roof with a solid roof. They don’t require a structural build, timber subframes or plasterboard and can be installed on most existing conservatories. They’re also fire retardant and meet the latest BS EN 12895-1:2009 regulations. solid conservatory roof

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