Abrasive Wheels Training teaches employees the necessary skills to use abrasive wheel machines safely and effectively. This is especially important as any accident involving abrasive wheels can lead to severe cuts, abrasions, or debilitating injuries. Furthermore, abrasive wheels can also be a fire hazard due to the heat or sparks they generate during operation. For these reasons, any employer that uses abrasive wheels must ensure that the risks associated with them are controlled as much as practicable.

This online abrasive wheels course is designed to help with this task. The course explores the different types of abrasive wheels, their dangers, and how to handle and mount them correctly. It also covers the importance of inspecting and testing the wheel prior to use, as well as explaining the role of flanges, blotters and work rests. Finally, the course identifies the key elements to check on a labelled abrasive wheel, including the speed specification, abrasive type and grain size, as well as the manufacturer’s responsibilities.

This abrasive wheels online training course is available for individuals to take from the comfort of their own home or office, and will be completed in just 11 modules. Upon successful completion, learners will receive a quality assured certificate that can be used to demonstrate compliance and evidence training. The course can also be delivered on your in-house LMS through ClickHSE Enterprise, allowing you to deploy the training across multiple locations and departments, monitor progress, and manage refresher courses with ease. Abrasive Wheels Training

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