Whether you’re designing cozy socks to keep your feet warm while running around town or sporty ones to help find balance on the yoga mat, you can add a custom non-slip bottom to any pair of socks. Known as grip socks, they’re comfortable, one-size-fits-all socks that are outfitted with rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slippage. The rest of the sock is made with a soft, breathable, sweat-wicking material that’s available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any aesthetic.

Grip socks were first introduced to the market by a physiotherapist, Luke Goodwin. He wanted to reduce the amount of friction between his foot and his shoes because he found that this caused blisters when he played football. He tried to find non-slip socks for adults but failed because they didn’t exist at that time.

Grip socks are now a staple piece of sports apparel for many players in the world’s top leagues. This is because they help improve agility, prevent minor injuries and abrasions, lock the feet in shoes/trainers, and allow them to feel secure. However, it is not known how they affect the shoe-floor interface in terms of frictional properties or how they are subjectively perceived by participants. custom grip socks

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