What country is Lake Como In?

Lake Como is set in the country of Italy. Italy is in Europe,All about Lake Como in Italy – the Famous Y Shaped Lake Articles it is easily identifiable as a country within Europe and often is referred to by many as the one that looks like a boot. The capital city of Italy is Rome, and has many other cities such as Venice which is famed for its Canals and Bridges and Milan for its glamorous Shopping as well as Pisa for the very famous leaning Tower.

Where is Lake como?

Lake como is a lake of glacial form situated in Lombardy, in beautiful Italy.  It is the third largest lake in Italy, coming after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is one of the deepest lakes in Europe and it is over 400 meters deep and at the bottom around 200 meters below sea level with it being fed by the Adda River.

It is  ‘Y’ shape  with the northern branch having beginnings in Colico and the towns of Como and Lecco create the start for the other two branches making views of the lakes ideal from each end and the lake flows out at Colico and Lecco. There is a boat service that runs between the tree inter sections making it a beautiful base to explore the sunning scenery. Lake Como is around 40km from Milan to the South and only a few minutes from the Swiss Border – and George Clooney has a home their too.

When is the best time to go holiday there

The best time to go to Lake Como is any time between Late March and October making it just about the start of the season. Like a typical holiday destination most hotels and restaurants as well as most leisure facilities close from November until March however if you want to do some great exploring then perhaps it is better to go this time for climbing, walking, hiking and running.

In the summer months you are more likely to see water-skiing, cycling, sailing, hiking or windsurfing or simply soaking up the sun going on with many tourists around the lake on Holiday to Lake Como. Although Lake Como is not that far from the Swiss border, the climate is still mild and sunny.

Here are some basic facts about Como

Como produces around 80% of Europe’s silk export and has been doing so since the fourteenth century when silk worms were first imported to Italy. As you would expect, fish is locally sourced and is available in nearly all restaurants on Lake Como. There is also some great hiking to be done in the mountains and hills around Como.

There are plentiful activities to keep you entertained on Holidays to Lake Como, as well as it being a fairly cheap holiday to Lake Como with most hotels offering all inclusive holidays to Lake Como. wedding venue lake garda

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