Aloha from Lilo and Stitch Hoodies
The Lilo and Stitch franchise consists of several Disney media productions, primarily an animated feature film, two direct-to-video and television sequel films, a short film, three animated television series, four video games, theme park attractions, comic book tie-ins, music, and merchandise. The original 2002 film centers on the relationship between a fictional Hawaiian orphan named Lilo Pelekai and an artificial extraterrestrial creature originally labeled Experiment 626, whom she adopts as her new pet and names Stitch. Stitch is an escaped experiment who was genetically engineered to cause chaos and destruction on Earth, but instead finds himself in a unique friendship with Lilo. Together, they discover the importance of ohana, the Hawaiian concept of extended family.

Several spin-off material was released from 2008 through 2020, most prominently the Japanese anime Stitch! and the Chinese animated series Stitch & Ai. Both separate Stitch from Lilo and place him in other regions of the world, replacing her with different humans who take him, along with Jumba and Pleakley, into their families. The 13-episode Chinese series also features American animators working on the show and a voice cast that includes Ben Diskin (who voices Stitch in the English version of the anime).

Our kids and toddler’s hoodies are made with high quality French terry fabric (60% cotton, 40% polyester) and are designed for warmth and comfort. The hoods are lined and are made from a soft, durable fabric that helps protect the head against cold weather while keeping heat in and sweat away from the body. This keeps the hoodies from shrinking and provides for longer lasting use. Using non toxic kid safe dyes and prints, the hoodies are a great addition to any wardrobe! Lilo and Stitch Hoodies

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