Artificial intelligence tools that conjure whimsical artwork or realistic-looking images from written commands started wowing the public last year. While they are still in their early stages, several major tech companies are working to make these text-to-image generators business-ready by integrating them into Adobe Photoshop and YouTube.

AI image generators work by using a neural network (basically a very fancy computer algorithm modeled loosely on the human brain) to learn what things are by processing billions of image-text pairs. Then, the model can interpret any prompt and create an image that is visually similar to what you’re describing—though it may not be exactly what you want.

The most effective AI image generators allow you to customize the output based on your preferences by defining parameters and setting them as inputs. These tools can be used to create high-quality creative assets for use in marketing campaigns, digital art projects or other content that requires a creative touch.

For example, Picsart’s AI image generator lets users define parameters such as color and saturation of the output and allows them to set up a style reference and a content reference. Then, the AI model generates an image by applying the styles to the content resulting in a hybrid image that is both stylistic and recognizable as the subject matter. NeuralStyle, another popular AI image generator, uses a similar approach by analyzing the visual features of both a style and a content reference image and generating an image that combines them. ai image generator

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