The PlayStation 4 and its progenitor, the PS5, have accumulated a tremendous catalog of games over their long lifespan. From hardcore esports titles to casual multiplayer adventures, Sony’s wedge of a console has something for everyone.

Its library of marquee exclusives is especially impressive, with 2018’s God of War a visceral and satisfying return to the franchise. Meanwhile, Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 confidently revived the series with a slick mix of gunplay, swordplay and platforming action that’s both satisfying for long-term fans and welcoming to newcomers.

If you’re looking to explore a vibrant apocalyptic world, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn has a lot to offer. In the game, you’ll play as Aloy, a hunter caught up in a war between humans and machines that has pushed humanity to a primitive tribal state. The world is filled with fascinating creatures, ancient artifacts and other mysteries to uncover in a unique open-world experience.

Alternatively, you can spend dozens of hours chasing pirate treasure and evading ruthless villains in Nathan Drake’s final adventure with Uncharted 4. The fourth game in the blockbuster series has one of the most exciting storylines in gaming history while also offering top-notch gunplay and stunning visuals. It’s a must-play for PlayStation owners.

While the PlayStation 4 has a strong online multiplayer component, it’s just as great for multiplayer offline games. From classic puzzlers like Tetris to modern platformers and RPGs, the PS4 offers a variety of options for two-player romps. The best of these are compiled below, ranging from simple multiplayer experiences to massive open-world adventures.

The creators of the experimental PLAYSTATION Network title flOw are back with another groundbreaking concept that challenges gaming conventions. Flower pulls the surrounding environment out of the background, allowing players to experience the lush landscape with a depth rarely explored in video games. By combining accessible gameplay, beautiful imagery and emotional chords that resonate uncommonly in video games, the game is a refreshing and genuine experience. PS4 games

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