Billi Taps are a stylish and convenient way to offer instant boiling, chilled and filtered sparkling water in the workplace. They remove the need for staff to wait for a kettle to boil and free up space on your worktops. Wellbeing Group is proud to be a Platinum Partner of the Australian brand, meaning we are fully trained and approved in the supply, installation and servicing of Billi systems.

Boiling Water Taps

Designed to fit under your sink, these Billi systems allow you to access filtered boiling and chilled water immediately, dispensed through your chosen tap. They’re an energy efficient solution, with their patented energy reclaim system recovering heat from evaporating chiller water and using it to preheat boiling water – meaning they use half the energy of comparative products.

Chilled Water Taps

Stylish and convenient, these taps are perfect for any workspace offering a continuous stream of chilled, filtered water from your kitchen sink. They’re also highly energy efficient with the ability to preheat water for instant boiling, meaning you can use your sink for other tasks while the hot water is brewing.

Sparkling Water Taps

The ultimate drink-dispensing appliances, these Billi products deliver filtered sparkling water straight to your sink or counter top. They’re designed to be a space saver, often being half the size of comparable under-sink taps and requiring no cabinet ventilation – meaning they can be installed anywhere in your workplace or home. They also come with replaceable carbonation cartridges, so you can adjust the amount of fizz in your water and find the ideal level for your preferences.

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