About Button Head Bolt
A button socket cap screw (also known as a dome or domed head bolt) is a fastener with a low, domed, and rounded head. These screws are ideal for applications where a low-profile head and wider load bearing surface is desired. Additionally, they have the ability to hold a greater amount of force than other standard screw and bolt heads, and can resist loosening over time.

This style of fastener offers a wide variety of uses and benefits, and can be found in automotive repair and maintenance tasks, furniture assembly, and heavy-duty industrial jobs involving thick materials like steel alloys. They’re also commonly used in projects where the hardware is exposed and may be susceptible to bruising or damage from other high-profile head styles.

In addition to a flush, rounded head, these bolts are characterized by their recessed hexagon drive hole, which allows them to be turned using tools with an Allen wrench or hex key. These hex bolts can be tightened to higher torque specifications than a cross-recessed or slotted drive screw, and can provide a more visually aesthetic appearance compared to other bolt heads.

Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 button socket cap screws in property class 10.9, and A2 and A4 Stainless Steel. They can be used in a variety of different applications, but are best suited for applications with limited clearance where the screw or nut needs to exert pressure, such as tightening and clamping. Button Head Bolt

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