Custom invitations are one of the most unique ways to tell your wedding story. Your invitation sets the tone for your event and can clue guests into what kind of party they’re in for. A simple, elegant design may communicate a formal affair while a fun and casual design might hint at a relaxed celebration.

Choosing the right style starts with identifying your personal aesthetic. A good way to begin is by creating a Pinterest board that you can refer back to later as you search designers’ portfolios for inspiration and find the designs that speak to you. Once you’ve found your style, it’s time to consider add-ons that will make your invitation truly stand out.

Envelope Liners
An envelope liner is a great way to add an extra layer of texture and visual interest to your invitation suite. The options for these are endless: choose the color, pattern or finish and even decide if you’d like it to be hand-stamped or pre-stamped (which saves you the cost of purchasing additional postage).

Dip Dye
This technique is done by submerging the paper into a dye bath and can leave just a strip or an ombre effect. You can also choose to have the entire card dipped for a completely bespoke look.

Information Cards
This add-on can help you share any important information that might not fit on your main invite. Whether it’s directions, reception details or dress code guidelines, this little insert can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your guests in the know. Etemply

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