The property video Christchurch earthquake has seen more than 185 people killed and thousands injured. Many of the injuries are minor, such as bruises and sprains. But some are serious, including limb loss and dislocations.

Developers in the city have been busy selling multi-unit developments. One such company is Brooksfield, which builds unique property. They have a reputation for quality and are popular with investors.

Brooksfield properties are unique

Brookfield Properties is a unique real estate company that invests in and manages commercial space around the world. Its 750+ properties include recognizable high rises that dot the skyline of major cities. Its portfolio includes office, retail, multifamily housing, logistics, hospitality, and development spaces.

Brooksfield has a unique exterior design, often inspired by cities like New York and London. This gives their buildings a distinct look, which sets them apart from other developers. But does that translate to a better investment? Opes Partners investigates.

Despite their different exteriors, Brooksfield properties don’t always get more rent than their competitors. Renters are more interested in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and they’re less concerned about the aesthetics. As a result, it’s important to assess each property on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to their distinctive designs, Brooksfield builds a wide range of different sizes and types of townhouses. They also offer a range of floor plans to suit all lifestyles. For example, some of their developments feature a separate lounge from the kitchen and dining area, which is typical of British homes. This layout may not be ideal for every investor, but it can make a difference for owner-occupiers who want a more spacious home.

They are a good developer

A recent trend in Christchurch is the building of townhouses. These buildings are designed to look like traditional houses while providing the convenience of a modern living space. They are an ideal choice for those who want to live in a city but do not have the money to buy a large house. They also provide a great opportunity for investors to increase their returns on investment.

The directors of Brooksfield Townhouses, Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman, are trying to change the way these townhouses look. They are experimenting with different styles of architecture and incorporating colour into the kitchens and bathrooms. They are hoping to create a more cohesive design and to make their buildings stand out from the competition.

Last year, in an attempt to boost sales as the housing market cooled, the company offered to pay a buyer’s mortgage for a year. They have now extended this offer to buyers from outside Canterbury.

They are a good fit for owner-occupiers

Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman are so fond of the homes their company builds that they’d like to fill Christchurch with them. While they admit that the heritage-style homes are not everyone’s cup of tea, they are proving popular with buyers. They’ve also managed to avoid the slowdown in real estate sales caused by the quake.

View property photos, floor plans and open homes from licensed real estate agents in Christchurch City. This three bedroom family home is located in Merivale and is priced at $629,000. The dining and living space overlooks Redwood Park and has double doors leading to a courtyard.

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