A shoe size conversion chart is an invaluable tool when shopping for shoes that may not be available in your usual local shoe store. Fortunately, it’s easy to find online shoe size conversion charts that will provide an accurate translation between different shoe sizes for a wide variety of European shoe brands. Just be sure that the shoe sizing system used by the brand you are purchasing is listed in the chart.

While many US shoe stores and websites equate each European shoe size to a UK or US size for convenience, these conversions are not accurate. In general, women’s EU sizes are approximately 0.5 sizes smaller than US shoes and men’s EU sizes are 2 sizes smaller than US shoes.

To determine your Euro shoe size, simply measure the length of your foot as per the instructions on my handy shoe measuring guide and then compare it to the corresponding shoe size in the European shoe sizing table below. Keep in mind that the shoe sizes in this conversion table are 1.5 cm less than the last lengths used to make the shoes to allow for a little wiggle room.

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