Even the tidiest homes can be overwhelmed with daily clutter and messes. Deep cleaning services can get you back to a spotless home without the time and stress of doing it yourself.

The price of a deep cleaning service will vary depending on which areas you want cleaned. Check with each company for their base pricing.


Deep cleaning services go above and beyond regular cleaning by scrubbing surfaces in hard-to-reach areas such as windowsills and corners. In addition, it involves washing walls and removing grime from inside appliances. This heavy-duty cleaning process leaves rooms spotless and keeps them germ-free.

A one-time deep cleaning service usually costs more than a standard light cleaning. This is because the cleaners have to spend more time on each task. However, a deeper clean helps the house remain cleaner longer.

It also eliminates the spread of bacteria, which improves air quality and prevents illnesses in the household. In addition, a one-time cleaning is often done before beginning a regular weekly cleaning service. Afterward, the cleaning company can perform lighter cleaning duties that do not require as much effort. They can then charge less for each service. This makes the service cost-effective for households that use it frequently.


A clean bedroom helps you unwind after a long day. It’s also the place where you sleep at night and wake up each morning. Cluttered surfaces can collect dust and grime, especially on nightstands.

During a deep cleaning, a house cleaner may move furniture pieces around and thoroughly vacuum the carpet and mop floors in a bedroom. They’ll also remove any cobwebs from corners and baseboards, and they might clean ceiling fans and blinds. They’ll even wash windows and wipe down blinds and curtains.

Depending on how dirty the room is, and how much it needs to be cleaned, a deep cleaning can take several hours to complete. Some companies may include this in the initial detailed clean, while others build it into regular maintenance. For example, Merry Maids conducts a detailed cleaning during the first visit and then adds the task to regularly scheduled cleaning appointments. You may also be able to book a one-time appointment with a franchise company that offers deep cleaning services.


Deep cleaning services in the bathroom include scrubbing sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers; wiping down countertops and mirrors; vacuuming or mopping floors; dusting and disinfecting surfaces; and cleaning drawers and cabinets. It may also include washing curtains, and removing trash from the room.

Keeping your home neat and tidy between deep cleans can save you money on service costs. Clutter makes it harder for your cleaners to reach and clean hard-to-get areas, and a dirty home requires more cleaning products to sanitize.

Cleaning services prices vary from company to company, and packages are typically based on the number of hours your cleaner works. The level of accumulated dirt and stains your housekeeper needs to scrub can make a difference in price as well. For example, a greasy stove or stained shower grout will take more time and effort to remove than a cobwebbed corner in the kitchen. Some cleaning companies offer customized deep cleaning packages to accommodate your specific needs.

Living Area

A deep cleaning can make your living area feel fresh, clean and healthy. This heavy-duty cleaning process can remove germs and dirt that build up on surfaces and can be difficult to reach with regular house cleaning methods.

Typically, deep cleaning is performed in the living area when you are hosting guests, when you have pets, when you need to get your rental property ready for new tenants or when you just want your home to look its best. Some cleaning companies include deep cleaning as part of their first visit to your house, or you can request that they do a deep clean on a recurring basis.

Standard cleaning, also known as basic or regular cleaning is done weekly and includes tasks such as putting things away, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming the floors, and taking out trash. You can ask your cleaning service company what their deep cleaning checklist looks like. Generally, each cleaning company has their own deep and regular cleaning list of tasks that they can perform. deep house cleaning services

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