Dometic cooling units are used to cool an rv ac units usually in the front of a camper or trailer. They are powered by either batteries or a 12V DC power source. These systems are quieter than conventional air conditioners, making them a popular choice for travelers and campers.

The main problem that consumers face when trying to find a good air conditioner for their RV is interior noise. Fortunately, the Dometic FreshJet is one of the most quiet air conditioners available on the market today.

It also features a custom blower system that pushes air further and faster than ever before, allowing the RV to be cooler and more comfortable in just seconds. Additionally, the FreshJet features a new Air Distribution Box that evenly distributes the cool air throughout your RV.

In addition, the FreshJet units feature a 3-speed fan, washable filter, and a remote control. The remote allows you to change the fan speed and temperature with ease.

This makes it the perfect solution for any RVer, especially if you’re looking to save energy and money on your power bill. In fact, these air conditioners can run up to 12 hours in “Eco” mode, consuming only 18A of power.

They’re also a great option for those who have limited storage space in their RV and need to keep things at a certain temperature for extended periods of time. In addition, they’re rated for ambient temperatures of 41 to 126 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another benefit is that these air conditioners are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional truck air conditioning. They can reduce a truck’s fuel consumption and engine maintenance by using less electricity, thereby saving a lot of money in the long run.

Dometic’s business strategy is centered around providing refrigeration products to niche sectors like RV and lodging, where it is important for the product to be able to run on variable energy sources and be silent and vibration free. The non-use scenario is a potential roadblock for this strategy, which may negatively impact Dometic’s competitiveness as a company.

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