A good electronic analytical balance price is a must-have for precision lab applications such as density determination, formulation or differential weighing. Due to their sensitivity, these lab balances should be used in dedicated areas like laboratories so that even the slightest of disturbances like air currents or vibrations don’t impact their calibration readings and the accuracy of their results. This is why we provide these high performance lab scales with draft shields that help block out unwanted environmental interference.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Series 12000 combines essential functionality with solid performance to give you right-first-time results every time. This internal calibration model features the patented MonoBloc weighing cell, which is fast, durable and comes standard with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment. The large optimized touchscreen display is easy to read and operates well with gloves on, while the SmartGrid application makes routine weighing tasks as simple as possible. Features such as LevelControl and StatusLight ensure that all conditions for correct weighing are met to guarantee accurate results.

The GWP Approved and StaticDetect functions prevent incorrect readings caused by static charges and ionizing modules are available to eliminate any static charge in the weighing chamber. With advanced overload protection, anti-vibration and a smooth surface that simplifies cleaning, these lab balances are built to last in tough environments. They also feature multiple interfaces including USB, RS-232 and an optional Bluetooth module for connectivity with external devices and data transfer. These features make these lab balances ideal for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. electronic analytical balance price

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