ET1 Templates are a set of forms that enable an employee to translate their issue into specific legal claims that can be made in an Employment Tribunal. This kit contains example wording for a range of scenarios including religious discrimination, race, age and gender discrimination and unlawful deductions from wages. The templates can be easily tailored to the individual employee’s own circumstances.

The ET1 is the main claim form that is submitted to an Employment Tribunal and contains a series of personal details. A crucial section asks the Claimant to detail the grounds of their claim. This is usually done in a separate document called the Particulars of Claim (POC) but can also be included in the online ET1 form itself. The POC is normally read by the Judge / Panel at a Tribunal hearing so clearly setting out your case in as much detail as possible is important.

It is not always possible to include all of the information needed to support a claim within the space available online, especially when it comes to questions about dates and times. In such cases it is good practice to write’see attached’ and then attach a separate document containing the additional details in a format known as Rich Text Format.

Admins can use the email template info icons to view a list of all Programs and Outreaches in which the Email Template is used, as well as edit, clone and delete versions of the template. Admins can also configure email opt-out categories in the Email Template Options page. ET1 Templates

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