Electric actuators are the straight shooters of the actuation world, converting electrical energy into linear motion. In dangerous environments where flammable gases are present, they’re the sentinels that keep operations running smoothly.

To operate safely in hazardous gas and dust environments, explosion proof electric actuators have a number of special features. Flameproof enclosures and conduit seals prevent sparks from escaping the motor housing, and double-sealed power shafts isolate the actuator from any contaminants that could ignite. These actuators are certified to UL HazLoc, ATEX, and IECEx standards for use in zones where combustible gases, vapors, or fibers are present.

Designed for quarter turn operating applications, these explosion proof electric actuators can be used to automate ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, or dampers. They’re easy to install using standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and double square drive. They also feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override, and weatherproof enclosures.

This explosion-proof rotary electric cut off actuator takes integrated standard signal, alters it into equivalent angular displacement, then mechanically changes the rotary control valve to achieve the automatic change task. It’s suitable for dangerous industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipbuilding, paper making, and power station. Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators

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