A fire pump is an essential part of a fire suppression system. This pump creates the highly pressurized water that dispenses throughout the sprinkler system, protecting people from injury and property from damage by suppressing the flames. Feld Fire offers a full assortment of portable fire pumps, varying in size, power, and capacity, to fit the needs of your fire suppression system.

Our portable fire pumps are engineered to increase water pressure at a scene while being small enough to be easily transported to a location. They are typically self-priming with a hand primer or exhaust prime, and most come with an electric start. Some models also feature a recoil starter. Some fire pumps are also available with a diesel or gas engine.

We carry several different types of fire fighting pumps, including positive displacement and centrifugal fire pumps. Positive displacement fire pumps have a limited flow of water that is compressed in a cylinder and then dispersed through a discharge line, creating high pressure. Centrifugal fire pumps are larger and have a higher water pressure, but are not as compact. They use a rotating impeller to create high water pressure by pushing the pressurized water through a discharge line in waves, rather than using compression like a positive displacement fire pump.

Choosing the right portable fire pump is determined by several factors, including potential fire hazard and available water sources. The hose size and nozzles also factor into this decision, as well as how long the hoses can be pumped. It is important to keep in mind that the pump should be tested on a weekly basis, while specialized fire safety professionals can attend to monthly and annual inspections.

With a variety of engines and capacities, we offer the best quality portable fire pumps for any situation. Our light-duty fire pump range is ideal for wild land, hunting camp and cottage protection, while our large fire fighting pumps are a great choice for building, forest and large area wildland firefighting. Our mobile fire pumps are easy to start and designed for maximum durability.

All our portable fire fighting pumps can be loaded onto a specially designed STORMforce trailer for faster set up and operation. This trailer can accommodate any Angus Fire portable fire pump in our range, and it comes with 4 lengths suction hose, 4 lengths delivery hose and a tool box. It also meets world wide regulations governing noise levels, emissions and fuel consumption.

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