Our fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans are pure and made in the USA. They are the same size as the worming dose for dogs and can be taken after a fat meal. They can be used on their own or with other cancer-fighting agents, like vitamin E.

It blocks the microtubules that cancer cells use to grow and divide. It also stops tumors from absorbing glucose, which they need to survive. It is a very effective anti-parasitic medication and can treat parasites that cause infections such as pinworms, whipworms (trichomoniasis), and hookworms(ancylostomiasis, necatoriasis, uncinariasis). It is also used to prevent liver disease in cats and dogs and to prevent parasitic diseases caused by helminthes in laboratory animals, livestock, and companion animals.

The use of fenbendazole for cancer therapy was discovered by accident. In 2014, scientists at John Hopkins were testing a new chemotherapy agent when some mice embedded with glioblastoma tumors became infected with tapeworms. When the scientists treated the infected mice with fenbendazole, the tumors died off. The researchers believe that a similar effect would occur in people with cancer.

This is one of the main reasons that repurposing existing drugs to combat cancer is a hot trend in modern medicine. In fact, dozens of non-cancer medications have been found to kill cancer cells by blocking their ability to absorb nutrients and to replicate. Cancer cells also have a tendency to become resistant to many commonly used chemotherapy drugs.

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