For those who have wavy, curly or textured hair, a great haircut can make all the difference in how your strands bounce and fall. However, not all stylists are equal when it comes to cutting curls, and finding the right salon is essential for a quality cut. Look for a stylist who specialises in working with curly hair, read reviews online and consider if they have any curl-specific training or certifications. Also, take the time to communicate your goals for your haircut with your stylist and find out if they have any suggestions.

A good curly hair salon Melbourne will provide a tailored service that is designed to enhance the natural shape and bounce of your curls, resulting in a more manageable style with flattering shaping and less weight. They will also teach you techniques to keep your curls looking and feeling fresh between appointments.

There are many salons claiming to be curly hair specialists but fail to deliver on their promise. They either do not understand curls, or they have been indoctrinated by the CGM trend and upselling products to align with unrealistic high-fuss expectations of curly hair.

Rather than falling victim to this trend, search for a curly hair salon near you with an excellent reputation on Fresha. When you book an appointment, be sure to come with clean and dry hair in its natural state, without too much product. This will help your stylist accurately assess your curls and help them determine the best style for you.

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