Funko has become a household name thanks to their Pop! line of collectible vinyl figurines. The company’s figures are instantly recognizable due to their oversized heads and huge eyes on small bodies. The company has a variety of different licensed pop culture figures, including Disney, Marvel, and The Muppets.

The upcoming animated film Wish is set to be the subject of a new wave of Funko Pop! vinyl figures. The characters from the 62nd Disney animated feature will be brought to life as these adorable Funko figures. The release date for this new Wish Funko Pop! vinyl figure set is November 3rd.

Whether you’re looking to bring some Disney magic to your home or simply want to add some cute Pop! figures to your collection, you’ll love these adorable figures. From the classic Mickey Mouse to the princesses of Frozen, these fun figures make for great additions to any Disney fan’s home.

No Disney collection would be complete without a few Pop! figures of the lovable characters from Toy Story. The mischievous alien Stitch, better known as Experiment 626, is a standout character with his big ears and toothy grin. Other popular Toy Story characters include Buzz Lightyear and Woody, as well as the neurotic Mr. Potato Head and the beloved Slinky Dog. No Disney collection would be complete without a couple of characters from the animated movie Lilo & Stitch, so be sure to check out the adorable figures of this pair of mischievous buddies. The Metallic 01 Mickey Mouse may be the king of all Funko Pops, but the highly sought-after 04 Sulley Flocked figure is a true gold standard in the series. This exclusive figure was part of a 2011 SDCC 480-piece collection and, as a result, has been increasing in value. As of this writing, the 04 Sulley Flocked Funko Pop is estimated to be worth $3,000.  funko pop disney

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