The Healing Codes are an incredible discovery that transforms the negative effects of stress (which causes 95% of all illness) by unlocking a physical function built into our bodies. The process enables our neuro-immune system to take over and heal whatever is wrong in the body. It is a powerful way to heal virtually any physical, emotional or relational issue, as well as realize breakthroughs in success.

Dr Alex Loyd, the founder and discoverer of The Healing Codes has found a way to activate the natural healing processes in your body that you were born with. Hundreds of people from around the world have used this process to heal a wide range of issues and to improve their life in every area.

Each Healing Code involves focusing on one of the four healing centers in the body. There are universal codes that address all of these areas as well as specific healing codes for each ailment. Each healing code requires using the fingers on both hands in a sequence that may vary depending on the ailment. This focuses your energy on the healing centers, removing the stress that is believed to be the root cause of all illness.

When doing a code, it is important to identify the source of the problem and the strongest feelings connected to it. Once you identify the source, it is important to find a truth focus statement that counters the lie and neutralizes the negative emotions. Then you do the code, and repeat the truth focus statement a few times while doing the Code.

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