You hear them every day – on your morning commute, while watching television or reading the newspaper. They’re also found in video games, commercials, audiobooks, apps and e-learning courses. These auditory performers are known as voiceover artists.

Like screen actors, voiceover artists are paid for their performance and use of the voice. Most go through training with either a acting coach or voice coach. They also spend time listening to established VO (voiceover) professionals. This allows them to refine their acting skills and understand how to work with a producer.

Then they prepare for auditions. They record a demo reel, which contains clips of different types of voice over projects. For a video game, a demo might include shouts and other sound effects; for a commercial, it may contain various brands and products. Typically, they start with their highest-profile material – the most recognizable brand name or author for a commercial or a familiar character’s voice for an audiobook narrator.

Many voiceover artists are freelance professionals who manage their careers independently. As such, they often spend the majority of their time outside of the studio pursuing opportunities, networking with clients and agents, or taking care of the other responsibilities that come along with running a small business.

But the good news is that there’s never been a better time to be a professional voice actor. The industry is more competitive than ever, with demand growing from new market sectors, including online education and phone apps. voiceover artists

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