When it comes to moonstone wedding ring a bride or groom often has specific ideas in mind. They might want a band with a unique design or one that will perfectly compliment their skin tone. They may also be drawn to certain gemstones, such as moonstone, for their healing properties and symbolism. Whatever the case, these stones make beautiful engagement and wedding rings that can bring a sense of balance and serenity to any woman or man’s life.

Moonstone is a naturally occurring, lustrous gemstone that is known for its billowing adularescent effect, which can cause it to appear to glow in the dark. The stone is composed of feldspar layers, which help to reflect and scatter light for that ethereal effect. It is believed to promote healing, soothe anxiety and provide balance. It is also considered to be a powerful tool for dreaming, as it is thought to encourage positive dreams and ward off nightmares.

Because of the way the gem reflects light, it can have a blue, white or gray color and can vary in transparency. When choosing a ring that features a moonstone, you should consider the color and transparency because these will impact its price as well as how it looks on your finger. Blue moonstones are the rarest and most expensive, while a clearer stone will be less costly. In addition, the type of setting you choose will have a direct impact on the price. For example, a ring with a bezel will be more expensive than a ring that features a prong setting.

Most moonstones are shaped in a cabochon cut, which is smooth and domed like a pebble. A ring with this stone will typically be crafted from a soft metal that is often twisted into swirls or waves to fit the natural or celestial theme of the ring. A halo of smaller gemstones around the moonstone can also add to the dramatic effect of a ring featuring this gem.

Since a moonstone is a very soft stone, it can be easily chipped or cracked by something sharp or hard. This is why it’s important to choose a ring with a protective setting for your moonstone. A bezel setting is an ideal choice as it will help to protect the stone and prevent it from being damaged by daily wear.

When choosing a ring with a moonstone, you should also consider the thickness of the band. If the ring is too thin, it could break or be scratched by everyday activities such as washing dishes and cleaning. A ring with a thicker band will be more durable and is recommended for daily wear.

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