Unlike overflowing email inboxes or chat tools, an employee communication app is a one-stop shop for sharing company news and updates. Moreover, it facilitates more streamlined teamwork and improved productivity.

Detailed People directory connects colleagues, while searchable Library and instant-message Discussions keep project teams on the same page. Some apps also include recognition modules to show employees that you care about them.


Staffbase is a multi-channel comms platform that connects more than 1,000 enterprise organizations with employees worldwide. Its powerful analytics help communicators seize opportunities for truly impactful communications and quantify the results of their work to stakeholders.

It has an intuitive user interface that allows non-desk and remote workers to easily access information and share updates. It also enables frontline workers to interact with colleagues in real time. This two-way communication has been proven to increase employee engagement and productivity. It also has the ability to support multiple languages.

The solution’s core functions include a news app, intranet, and content management system. It can also be integrated with existing systems and applications through an API. This enables it to bridge the gap between different systems and make their contents available in the employee app.

The employee app is a great choice for companies that want to centralize their internal communications. It offers a mobile-first, branded app that can be used by all employees. It is easy to use and requires no additional software.


The company offers a mobile app that connects frontline workers and enables them to share information in a secure, collaborative way. It also helps organizations automate and streamline workflows. For example, it provides a chatbot for answering employees’ questions about benefits and products. In addition, it enables employees to upload and manage documents within the app.

Its platform allows users to customize the employee communication system to meet their needs, branding, and culture. Its features include task management, compliance training, and analytics. Additionally, it has a customizable user experience and a built-in shift scheduling feature.

Beekeeper allows companies to add local admins and enable them to manage their own internal communication, users, and analytics within the app. This makes the app more relevant to each individual team, allowing them to connect with their peers and make informed decisions. In addition, it helps companies fill shifts faster, offer more flexibility for scheduling, and reduce absenteeism. It also integrates with HRM systems and Active Directory for easier use and single sign-on.


Haiilo (formerly COYO, smarp, and Jubiwee) is a social intranet and employee engagement platform that brings employees together in one place. It helps companies create a positive workplace culture and improve employee satisfaction with its intuitive platform. The software features four products, which include Haiilo Home, Haiilo Stories, Haiilo Share, and Haiilo Insights.

From an employee’s perspective, using Haiilo feels a lot like scrolling through social media, with content displayed in a feed that can be easily browsed. And because the platform is branded with your company’s logo and colors, it doesn’t feel like a separate silo.

Another neat feature is the ability to send digests of new content via email. This is a good way to ensure that employees don’t miss out on important information or initiatives, especially for non-desk workers or those without direct access to the company’s internal network. It also lets you promote events or other important news through the email channel.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaboration suite that brings together chat, meetings, calls, and files. It can also integrate with other Microsoft 365 apps and third-party tools for a more complete digital workspace.

Users can create a channel for each department and customize the functionality with tabs, connectors, bots, and more. This unified workspace can reduce app switching, according to a Forrester report, saving employees an average of 15 to 25 minutes per day.

Additionally, Teams provides core functionality like high-quality video conferencing and text chat with the option to add participants to an ad-hoc group conversation. Its recent updates have made the end user experience more personalized, allowing users to choose which channels and conversations they want to see in their sidebar, and even change the color theme of their workspace. Additionally, the meeting recording feature enables users to select a custom or blurred background for video calls. And for those worried about information overload, the new “hide” feature helps minimize information bombardment by removing unwanted messages from their view.

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