Online warrant is a search of state and county court records, usually available for free or at a small fee through third-party sites. Unlike government agencies, these sites collect their information from different sources and do not guarantee accuracy or completeness. If you have a specific city or county in mind, you may be better off using the official public records method rather than paying for third-party services.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, turning yourself in can help you avoid a lengthy jail sentence and other penalties. It can also help you address the underlying legal issues and work towards a resolution. Your attorney can assist with resolving the warrant by working on things like negotiating with the prosecution, exploring plea bargain options, or seeking to have the warrant withdrawn or quashed.

Most criminal cases are public record, which means that anyone can search for them through local courts or law enforcement websites. However, some types of civil cases, such as family and juvenile delinquency cases or domestic violence cases involving protective, peace, or restraining orders are not publicly accessible. If you are uncertain whether a case is public or not, you can ask a friend, family member, attorney, bail bondsman, or other professional to check for you. They can use government websites or contact the local court clerk’s office directly to access these records. They can also search for you through the Warrant Information System (WIN) provided by the Department of Justice. online warrant

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