Whether you use your LCD projector for the office or for your home theater, you’ve probably found out the hard way that projector lamps don’t last forever. Most lamps will last for about 2,000 hours. For better or worse, instead of burning out suddenly, projector lamps generally fail slowly, growing progressively dimmer and less effective.

If your projector has an hour counter built in,Guest Posting it can make it easier for you to keep track of when your lamp needs to be replaced. When you need new projector lamps, check out the great selection and low prices at an online retailer like Laptops for Less. Even if you have no trouble knowing when it’s time for lamp replacements, you still undoubtedly want your projector lamps to last as long as possible. These lamps don’t come cheap, and it’s always preferable that your projector just keep working longer anyway.

Extending Projector Lamp Life

As a general rule, what you do to maintain and extend the life of your projector lamp is not done directly to the bulb itself. In most cases, if you take good care of your projector as a whole, storing it and using it properly, you will be able to get more life out of your projector lamps.

Environmental Conditions

Your projector and lamps will be affected by the conditions under which they are stored and operated. Obviously you will want to avoid giving any physical shocks to your projector and lamp. Less obviously, you should also strive to keep your projector and lamp away from extreme temperatures, high humidity, and any place that is dusty or smoky. It’s a good idea to avoid smoking in the same room as your projector. Even those tiny particles can damage the moving parts inside your projector.

When deciding where to place your projector for use, especially if you are installing it for the long-term, make sure that the projector’s air intake and exhaust vent is not blocked. Keep the exhaust vent at least two feet away from any objects or walls.

Using Your Projector

A projector is not like a normal television or monitor; it’s important that you never turn the projector on only to flip it back off. Starting up puts a lot of strain on your projector lamp, which will shorten its life, so turn the projector on only when you’re certain that you want to use it. On a similar note, running the projector for unusually extended lengths of time can also cause damage. The lamp especially will be stressed by long periods of use.

As mentioned, dirt and particles can damage your projector, so keeping its air filter clean is very important. Whenever needed, replace the air filter promptly to keep your projector working well and performing longer.

If your projector has an economy mode, use it. This mode will cause the projector to reduce the lamp’s output and lengthen its lifespan. Economy mode will produce some reduction in the visual quality of the projection, so there will be cases when it’s preferable to use the full output of your lamp. Whenever possible, however, use the economy mode. black and gold bedside lamps

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