At some point in time, every homeowner will experience a plumbing emergency. Some problems can be handled with off-the-shelf do-it-yourself repair kits, but more serious issues should be left to the professionals. Emergency plumbers are on call 24/7 and can provide fast solutions to your plumbing issues. They can address anything from clogged toilets and drains to sewer cleaning and burst pipes. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before calling an emergency plumber.

Know when to call
There are many situations that should prompt you to dial a 24-hour plumber, including significant water damage, sagging ceilings or discolored water. You should also call an emergency plumber if you have no hot water or if your water heater is malfunctioning. The longer a plumbing problem goes undiagnosed or untreated, the more severe the damage may be.

If your plumbing emergency is causing property damage, you should turn off your water supply as soon as possible. This can be done by finding your home’s main water valve, which is usually located close to the source of the leak. Alternatively, you can find the intermediary water cut-off valves near the damaged area of your home. These are typically a knob or knife-style valve, and they can shut off the water to that specific fixture or to your entire home.

Once you’ve turned off your water supply, you should contact several emergency plumbers near me and request an estimate. Compare their quotes and services, as well as customer reviews and testimonials to make the best choice. emergency plumbers near me

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