Original art can be a tangible worth investing in much like gold and silver. In uncertain economic times, investors turn to other options worth investing in. Some like it as an investment that they can enjoy and not something that sits on a piece of paper with numbers. Like all investments an educated decision needs to be made on risk and the potential reward. There are many art brokers that can educate you. You can take it upon yourself to study auction results to get an idea of what artists are selling and how much they are selling for.

The Wall St. Journal recently said that the “Big Three”: investment, Banks, Real Estate and Stock, have all plummeted in the last year making the three an unwise investment avenue. They went on to say that “new thinking” is that the only truly safe investment is tangible assets such as gold, diamonds, collectible’s, antiques and art. All of which, have never, and will never, be worth zero.

Most fine art eventually by certain artist will be estimated on its image, significance, and how many square inches the art is in size. You will often here the price per square inch of a certain artist’s original work.

For starters I would first suggest finding what type of original art you like. Whether it is a certain medium or a subject type, find what appeals to you. This will make your searching much more effortless and give you an investment that you can enjoy for years to come. After you have found something that you enjoy viewing find artist that are in depend that fit your liking. Check auction results. There are plenty of auction sites that will allow you to view past auction results by merely signing up on their free account. This will give you an idea of value and the current absorption rate for a particular artist.

Once you have found the art that you like it is time to go on the hunt. Start by searching upcoming auctions. There are many sites that will allow you to check current listings of all auctions throughout the country. Once you have located your piece do your research on it and find comparables that have recently sold. Find out the providence behind the piece and do your best to determine if it is genuine or not. You may want to look to a professional for this.

The author of this article does not advocate investing in original art with without the proper education and assistance. Like all investments there are risks involved. But, with the proper education and assistance it can be a very rewarding and profitable endeavor. diamond painting bilder

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