How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone 12How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone 12

Driving mode on your iPhone is a feature that helps keep you focused on the road and away from distractions. It sends automatic responses to text messages, blocks incoming calls and notifications, and disables some functionality so you won’t miss an important call or notification while you’re driving.

If you’re using an iPhone 12, you can temporarily disable it in the Control Center by swiping down from the top rght corner of your screen and tapping Driving. It will then turn off until you need it again.

How to turn off driving mode

Driving mode, or Do Not Disturb while driving, is a feature on iPhones that prevents you from receiving incoming calls and notifications while you’re driving. It’s a great way to keep you and other drivers safe, but it can be annoying if you’re expecting an important call or message.

Thankfully, you can easily turn off driving mode on an iPhone 12 and ensure that you don’t miss any important notifications while you’re driving. To do so, you need to follow the instructions below.

First, you need to open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to the Focus section. Next, you need to tap Driving and then move the toggle next to Driving to OFF.

If you’re not sure which option to choose, you can try a few different options until you find the right one for you. For instance, you can choose to enable it when connected to your car’s Bluetooth system or activate it with CarPlay.

You can also opt to have it automatically activate when you’re driving. However, this will only work when you’re connected to your car’s Bluetooth system or using a hands-free accessory.

Then again, you may want to disable it if you’re not going to be driving for long. Alternatively, you can also delete it from your phone by tapping Remove Focus in the Focus section.

How to turn it on

Driving mode is an iPhone feature designed to help you focus on the road ahead. It turns off notifications and calls to keep you safe while you’re driving, and it can also be configured to turn on automatically.

In order to turn it on, you need to open the Settings app and tap Focus. Next, tap the toggle next to Driving and select On. You can also do this from the Control Center by swiping down with two fingers.

You can choose to have it turn on based on motion, when you connect to your car’s Bluetooth, or when you’re connected to CarPlay. You can also customize who receives notifications and calls while you’re in Driving mode, as well as set an auto-reply message to send when incoming text messages come in.

When you’re driving, it’s important to avoid distractions as much as possible. That’s why many iPhone users have turned on Driving mode, which limits notifications like texts and calls when you’re driving.

However, this can be a bit frustrating if you’re driving and suddenly receive an incoming text message or call. You might be tempted to respond to it immediately, but it’s not a good idea.

To prevent this from happening, you can turn off driving mode on your iPhone 12. The easiest way to do this is by opening the Control Center and swiping down with two fingers. This will reveal a quick settings menu that allows you to disable notifications for specific people or all of them.

How to customize it

Do Not Disturb is an important feature for any smartphone, but it’s particularly handy when you’re in the car or at home. Apple offers a number of different ways to customize Do Not Disturb settings, including Focus Modes for Sleep, Work and Driving.

One of those features is the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb while driving feature, which allows you to silence all incoming notifications so that you can focus on the road. The best part is that this feature is easy to enable or disable, and it can be done on the fly without having to reboot your phone.

The iPhone 12 also boasts an innovative feature that isn’t available on older models, which is the ability to personalize the Auto-Reply message you send to your contacts. It’s a small touch, but it does the trick and should be on your must-have list. The iphone 12’s other big tick is a custom Lock Screen that displays a cool image when you’re driving. The best part is that you can use this same feature to customize your other apps such as maps and weather.

How to disable it

For many people, the Do Not Disturb while Driving mode on their iPhone 12 is a great feature that prevents them from receiving important calls and notifications. However, for others who do not drive and mostly sit on the passenger seat, it can be annoying to have this feature automatically turn on. If you are one of those users, then you can easily disable the Do Not Disturb while Driving feature by following the steps below.

First, you need to find the driving mode icon in the Control Center of your iOS device. It is located at the top of the screen shaped like a crescent moon. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, and then tap the button with the crescent moon.

Alternatively, you can access the Settings app and navigate to the Focus section. Here, you can see the Driving toggle under the Focus icon. To turn it off, simply tap the toggle to switch it to the off position.

The driving mode also silences all incoming calls and text messages when it detects that you are driving. You can also change the auto-reply text message you receive if you get a text or call while in the Driving Mode.

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