When a fire breaks out in a building, train tunnel, subway station, ship, historical monument, or other public or private structure, firefighters need to respond quickly to get water onto the flames to extinguish them. They do this by using a high pressure portable fire fighting pump, a device designed to deliver large amounts of water at very high pressure.

The best fire fighting pumps have two important specs that you should pay attention to – maximum pressure (PSI or pounds per square inch) and gallons per minute (GPM). Both of these factors play a role in how effective a water pump is at pushing out water, but the most important factor for firefighting is the pump’s PSI.

For example, a firefighting pump that has a max pressure of 100PSI is more efficient than one that has only 30PSI because the higher PSI means the pump can generate greater force to shoot water at the fire.

When it comes to GPM, you want a high number because that reflects how much water the pump can move over a certain period of time. You can usually find this figure listed on the pump’s specifications page along with the pump’s maximum pressure.

A pump’s maximum head is another thing to look for, as this indicates how far the pump can propel water from a source uphill before losing pressure. A pump that has a high maximum head can reach up to 30 meters before it loses pressure when pumping uphill, which gives the fire fighters plenty of range to put water on a fire.

To start using the pump, you’ll need to connect a suction hose to it. This hose is the one you drop into the water source to suck it up, so make sure you pick one that has a diameter that matches the pump’s discharge port. The best pumps for fire fighting come with a compatible discharge hose that makes it easy to get started.

Then, when you’re ready to use the pump, simply attach a fire nozzle to the end of the discharge hose and aim it at the fire. The best fire nozzles for this job have an adjustable spray pattern so you can choose from a wide range of angles.

You’ll need a good, sturdy carry case to transport your pump to and from a water supply, as well as any accessories you might need such as an extension wand or a chemical injector. A kit like the one from Endurance Pump (Pump #2 in this review) comes with everything you need and is a good option for those looking to get set up quickly. high pressure portable fire fighting pump

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