There are few sartorial statements more summery than the linen suit. Light, breezy and crease-resistant, they’re the perfect choice for destination weddings, lunches with clients or day parties. But it’s not just a wardrobe staple for the heatwave – as the weather cools down, a smart linen blazer with jeans or chinos can still fly at work meetings and brunches.

While most fabrics become weaker when they get wet, linen gains strength from moisture. The fibres become more compacted, which prevents them from expanding or tearing when the fabric gets damp. This property is also why a linen suit can withstand the odd snag or two.

When it comes to colour, linen opens up a whole new door that doesn’t always exist in traditional tailoring. Pastel shades like soft pink and blue look great painted across the breezy material. However, it’s important to remember that linen isn’t as formal as wool or cotton, so these hues should only be called upon when appropriate – such as at a spring or summer wedding.

If you want to add an extra layer of formality to your linen suit, pair it with a white or grey polo shirt. A fitted tee with a dark navy linen suit is a killer combo for a night out, or you could stray further from the script and team a light bottle green linen suit with a slick black tee. Either way, make sure you keep your shoes in check and avoid athletic or casual footwear, as this can throw off the overall appearance of the outfit. Linen suit

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