Having a frank conversation with your manager about salary can be an uncomfortable discussion. Writing a salary increment request letter to them can help you present your case logically and professionally. It will also give you a chance to gather your thoughts and prepare ahead of time before the conversation.

The best way to approach your boss with a salary increase request is to do it during a performance review or at an annual or biannual meeting. This will provide the most context and will ensure your boss understands that the reason you are asking for a raise is about performance and not because of any issues outside of your control.

If you are unable to schedule an in-person meeting, the next best option is to write your request as an email. This will allow you to include any supporting materials, such as a training or certification you recently completed that may boost your cause. It will also make it easier for your manager to submit your request to their supervisor or human resources for approval if they need to.

Start the letter with a polite greeting and include your current salary as well as the salary you are requesting. Then, provide a brief summary of your accomplishments and contributions to the company. You should always use concrete examples and quantifiable data when describing your work achievements. Be sure to mention any company-wide recognition you have received. Finally, state your desired salary and leave room for negotiation so your manager doesn’t assume you’re looking for a significant raise. Increase salary request

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