Kohl is a soft pencil eyeliner that’s used for creating defined lines or smudged looks. The best kohl liners offer a smooth application and are easy to use, even for beginners. They’re usually waterproof and come in a range of shades, from black to charcoal gray.

Kohl (also known as kajal or khujl) is a cosmetic pigment made from ground minerals, traditionally lead sulphide or stibnite. It is used as an eyeliner or mascara for the eyelashes and eyebrows in many Asian countries, especially in Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures, where it is worn by men as well as women. It is believed that a thin line of kohl on the upper lid and under the eyelashes can ward off malevolent spirits.

The majority of the 23 kohl samples purchased from various European retailers and online sources contained Pb, originating from galena (lead sulphide). Concentrations of other elements ranged from low to high. In addition, talc and Si-Mg were present in several samples. Backscattered images confirmed the presence of Zn, Cu and Fe nano-particles in some samples.

Kohl is a popular product with immigrant populations in developed countries and physicians should consider the possibility of Pb poisoning in these patients from unsuspected traditional cosmetic products when making medical and dietary assessments. In the case of kohl, a simple blood test can measure the concentration of Pb in the body and provide information on past consumption. Lead poisoning is associated with decreased IQ and learning difficulties, anemia and behavioural problems in children. Kohl Uk

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