Floor lamps are a very simple way to add style and elegance to any room. A floor lamp is very mobile and can be moved around the house to suit the users needs while still adding that great element of elegance. As one can find floor lamps of all different shapes, sizes and colors they are a very popular item in the home decor industry and the latest trend has been antique floor lamps. These lamps are ornately designed, only cast a soft glow over the room and made out of brass while or some other type of metal. An antique lamp will surely add class and elegance to any style of room.

You must first decide whether you would like a real antique floor lamp or just one produced to look like an antique. Real antique lamps are very rare and can cost thousands of dollars. Usually these antiques have some sort of historical importance and were used by an important person. On the other hand manufactured lamps are much cheaper and easier to get than real antique lamps and still provide that element of class to your room. It is more a personal decision on how much you are willing to spend and would you be okay just to have a manufactured lamp and not a real antique.

Manufactured antique looking lamps can be found at almost any home decor store, check your local business listings in yellow pages. Otherwise if you truly want a genuine antique lamp then you must search a little harder.

I would suggest your first step to be to get online and search for what type of antique lamp you want. You can browse through online stores and decide what antique lamp fits your home’s style and your price range. Some of the most popular antique lamps are the famous Tiffany Lamps; French and Victorian style lamps are also very popular.

Once you know what type of lamp you would like you can start to search all over the place for the best and cheapest antique lamps. There are tons of places to find antique floor lamps but I would first start at your local businesses. Once you have an idea of what type of lamp you would like, you should look up any businesses that might sell lamps or antiques and go there. I suggest buying at a store because one can only truly know whether they like a lamp or not when you are there beside it. Also if you bring a picture of where you plan to put the lamp the sales people should be able to help you out to find a color and design that suits your room. Lampe design

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