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The Thirty Years’ War took its toll on the city, whose economic development only began to accelerate once the river Ruhr was turned into a navigable waterway. At that point, industrial traffic shifted away from the poorly-developed roads towards the river.

During the war, many of the city’s inhabitants lost their lives. The jews that lived in Hattingen were cooped up in the “Gewehrfabrik” (an old weapon-factory at the bridge Ruhrbrucke) and deported to the concentration camps of Zamosc and Theresienstadt, most of them without ever returning home. A total of 5674 houses were destroyed, 174 of them completely.

After the end of WW2, the inhabitants immediately started rebuilding Hattingen. In 1947, the city’s first female mayor was elected. In the same year, Pope Johannes Paul II beatified the catholic resistance fighter from Niederwenigern Nikolaus Gross on St. Peter’s Square in front of 60,000 people. In addition, the popular Industrial-Museum Henrichshutte and the Westfalisches Feuerwehrmuseum are inaugurated.

In 1970, the communal reorganisation founded a newer and bigger Stadt Hattingen consisting of the former city Hattingen as well as most parts of Blankenstein and the communities Bredenscheid-Stuter, Niederelfringhausen, Oberelfringhausen-Welper, Oberstuter and Winz. Today, the municipal area spreads over 71 qkm and has 60,490 residents.Anwalt Hattingen

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