Medical Beauty is the cutting edge of cosmetic treatments. Qualified doctors, nurses and dentists can make a host of stunning tweakments to increase your beauty, whether that’s by reducing wrinkles or boosting your skin’s glow. Medical beauticians aren’t as invasive as plastic surgery, but they do require a high degree of skill and knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of your body.

A medical aesthetics clinic (med spa) offers a host of advanced nonsurgical cosmetic enhancement procedures that include Botox, dermal fillers, laser and IPL skin rejuvenation, liposuction, fat reduction and cellulite removal. These treatments are offered in a clinical setting and can only be performed by a medically trained practitioner.

Social media has become a useful tool for many medical beauticians to reach younger demographics by spreading celebrity beauty trends on platforms that these young clients get their information from. Practitioners must be careful not to encourage unrealistic beauty standards by encouraging social media trends, but can also use this as a positive marketing opportunity.

A number of the latest medical beauty treatments involve stimulating circulation in order to promote a healthy and radiant appearance. Often these therapies are delivered via an at-home device, or they may be delivered in a more clinical setting by a therapist or doctor. For example, the Detox Wave treatment involves sending a series of waves to specific areas of the body that cause toxins to shake loose and be eliminated through sweat or the body’s fluids.

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