Most of the individuals will be in dire need to have such a reliable and appropriate method that will allow and permit them to install the wooden doors at their homes in a convenient way and manner. Individuals might have difficulty while installing the wooden doors. They might get annoyed and irritated when the installation of the wooden doors is not done in a proper way and manner. Below is the method that will throw some light regarding the method of installing the wooden doors without creating any kind of mess or hitch. Read it and get to know the procedure in a detailed way. Starting with,Method to Install Wooden Doors Articles an individual first has to take hold of the per hung door right at its opening position. Hold it in such a way that the hinges of the door are facing at the opening position. On one vertical side of the wooden door, hold the casing firmly.

After holding the door case and stabilizing the level, an individual has to keep on pushing the shims of the door casing. This is necessary and important as it makes the wooden door to move up and down easily and conveniently. After fixing the wooden door, open it! Start inserting the wooden screws and nails in it on both the sides. These long wooden screws should be 12 to 16 inches up and down on both the sides. One thing should be kept in mind that the wooden screws should be 1 – ½ inch away from each of them. The minimal distance between these wooden screws should be 1- ½ inch so that the holding and grip of the wooden door may become stronger enough. Right after this step, an individual has to cut the unnecessary parts and other extensions. Give proper and fine shape to your wooden door by making use of any sharp knife. Do it in a careful way and cut down the raw edges smoothly so that the wooden door may come out in a fine shape.

Lastly, an individual has to make use of a screw gun so that he can take out the middle screws out from the wooden door and can replace them with the long wooden screws. This replacement is important because it makes the casing and hinges of the wooden door to remain intact at one position. Now your wooden door is completely installed. Open and close it 3 – 4 times in order to make sure that the installation is done correctly and properly. There might be a situation when the installation creates a trouble, then in this case an individual should consult some expert in order to get done with the installation of the wooden door correctly and properly. Hence, from the above mentioned method, the steps are quite and rather clear. So, if any individual wants to install a wooden door at his home, he can surely utilize this method. Just follow the above mentioned steps, guidelines and procedures and complete the installation in less span of time. button head cap screw

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