Osteopathy is a form of gentle and non-invasive manual therapy that addresses musculoskeletal problems. It helps enhance the body’s natural ability to regulate and self-heal. It focuses on the musculoskeletal system and also enhances the flow of the nerves, blood, cerebrospinal fluids, and lymphatic system. It is a great alternative to painkillers.

During the first session, your osteopath will ask you about your symptoms and take note of any medical history you might have. Then, they will do a physical examination by using their hands to find areas of weakness or restriction in your muscles and joints, especially in your spine. They might ask you to remove some of your clothing, and they may also ask you to perform simple movements.

After the physical exam, your osteopath will select a treatment. This may include neuromuscular, fascial, craniosacral, and visceral manipulation techniques. The aim of this is to restore balance and alignment to the whole body, which allows it to heal itself.

The osteopathic technique for torticollis is gentle and non-invasive. It helps the baby to relax and sleep after releasing the tensions around the neck and tongue area. It also treats the rib cage to balance the diaphragm and release any wind that may be causing the colic.

The Emirates Osteopathic Society is the peak representative body for osteopaths in the UAE. Its mission is to promote, protect and support osteopathic professionalism in the country. Its members are licensed by the DHA, DHCC, or HAAD to practice in their respective emirates.

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