The Gulf country may be best known for its football, but Qatar is not all about FIFA and it has a great restaurant and cafe scene to enjoy too. From street food and kabobs to fine-dining French and Middle Eastern cuisine, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Like most countries, rent in Qatar varies greatly depending on the area and size of accommodation you require. Most expats live in housing compounds that provide their own facilities, including pools and gyms, but standalone apartment buildings, townhouses and villas are also available to rent. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in central Doha is around QR10,000, although it can be considerably higher in the more desirable locations and compounds.

Getting around in Qatar is easy, with excellent public transport and taxis. A quick trip to the supermarket will cost you around QR70, while a meal out at a local restaurant is likely to cost in the region of QR100 – though prices can rise steeply at fancier places. Petrol is reasonably priced at about QR2/liter, while a pint of beer in a bar will set you back around QR50.

The city boasts a number of international universities, with some being branch campuses of elite American and UK universities. Students can expect to pay a tuition fee of up to QR109,000 per year, which is only slightly more expensive than out-of-state fees in the US and the UK.

If you’re craving a taste of France, head to Sel & Miel for authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation. The upscale restaurant serves up classic dishes with sensual flavours. Alternatively, try the Italian food at Il Teatro, with its cosy atmosphere and swish ambiance. The restaurant offers a weekly homemade pasta night, entrecote night and steak and lobster thermidor night.

Other great restaurants to visit in Qatar include Mykonos for a relaxing holiday vibe and sensational Greek food, accompanied by a sheesha experience. Then there is the opulent Khan Farouk Tarab Café, inspired by Egypt’s opulent Golden Age, where you can enjoy the fusion of Arabic and Western cuisine while sipping on speciality Egyptian Kushari tea.

For something a bit more exotic, check out the L’Wzaar Seafood Market restaurant for an array of fresh seafood and Mediterranean-style dishes. This is a popular spot among locals, who love the venue’s softened floors and seating areas and the relaxed environment. Another favourite of the locals is Mamig, which means grandmother in Arabic and is a fantastic place to try home-cooked Armenian cuisine. It is a family-friendly restaurant with outdoor seating and a lovely terrace. Restaurants for rent in Qatar

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