retail digital marketing is a subset of online marketing that focuses on promotional methods executed via digital channels like company websites, social media, email, search engines and paid advertisement platforms. Its main purpose is to generate leads and sales while enabling businesses to connect with consumers on a personal level.

Consumers today are more aware than ever of the types of products they consume and the companies that produce them. Increasingly, they are making decisions to purchase sustainable or ethical products. As a result, brands and retailers must communicate their values to attract customers.

Digital marketing in retail is an important tool that allows companies to reach a wider audience and convert them into loyal customers. Having the right digital marketing strategy will help you boost your visibility online, allowing you to capture shoppers researching products and services prior to buying them in-store. It also allows you to create an effective e-commerce website that makes purchasing your products easy and enjoyable for your target demographics.

The best way to optimize your digital marketing strategy for the retail industry is to make use of a CDP (Customer Data Platform). With a CDP, you can activate and merge online and offline data from all relevant channels in order to gain a 360-degree customer view and create unified customer profiles. This will enable you to tailor your content according to the specific needs of your target audiences. For example, SHOC, an ecommerce retailer that sells sports equipment, uses their CDP to segment their emails based on different audience segments and then personalize their content with personalized recommendations and discount coupons for their followers.

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