A seadoo jetski is one of the most exciting ways to spend your time on the water. They are not only fast but also very safe. There are a wide variety of them on the market – ranging from small to large and from basic to advanced. The best one for you depends on your requirements and needs, such as how often you intend to use the machine and what you will be using it for.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, there is a seadoo jetski that is perfect for you. The recreational range offers a safe balance of stability with a bit of performance and plenty of bundled gear including the iBR brake and VTS Variable Trim System.

The new Explorer Pro is a head-turner with exclusive features that expand what a PWC can do. There is a lot of gear you can carry on this craft including a tent and sleeping bags for island hopping or camping. It also has a windshield that’s unusual on a PWC but was copied from Ski-Doo snowmobiles to make distance riding less fatiguing.

Stability at rest was another design focus because owners tend to use their machines for the same things that other boaters use theirs — beaching and coving, dining on the water or fishing. The result is a larger and more stable platform that can be used at rest or even with the engine running. It’s also easier to get on and off the water. A smart and useful addition is a pair of pull-up composite “cleats” recessed into the deck called LinQ mounts that hold accessories like a rotomolded cooler, gas caddy or 5.5-gallon semi-rigid dry bag.

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