Selling skills are an essential tool for managers, partners and entrepreneurs seeking to lead their organizations toward long-term prosperity. Effective communication, understanding customer needs, driving revenue growth, and building relationships are just a few of the many ways that sales-driven leaders contribute to overall business success.

One of the top sales skills is active listening, which enables you to pay full attention to a prospect’s problems and needs before thoughtfully responding. You’ll also want to have deep, extensive product knowledge so that you can provide accurate information on the products and services you sell.

Another key sales skill is customer knowledge, which enables you to better identify customers’ needs and deliver more relevant solutions (Ahearne and Schillewaert 2000; Futrell 2006). Finally, you should have good sales technology skills, which allow you to effectively use tools and applications such as CRM and MAP.

Despite the importance of these skills, it’s important to remember that no single individual seller has all the sales skills necessary for optimal performance. However, by improving your own and your team’s sales skills, you can boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article, we will discuss four areas and seven dimensions of seller skills that are related to sales performance in B2B settings. These include interpersonal, referring to communication skills; customer-selling-related knowledge, referring to seller awareness of market trends and opportunities; degree of adaptiveness relating to sellers’ ability to modify their sales approach; and selling-related knowledge about product/technology and customer-selling-related knowledge about technology. Freelance

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