A sex therapist is an expert who can help you address sexual-related issues that are affecting your relationship and overall well being. Whether it is because of anxiety, trauma or physical problems, addressing these issues with a sex therapist can lead to greater intimacy in your relationship and more fulfillment in life.

Sex therapists san diego are qualified professionals who work with couples and individuals to address sex-centric concerns. Using a variety of methodologies, including relationship therapy, hypnotherapy and acupressure, these therapists can help clients develop better communication skills and reframe their perspective on sexuality. Some sex therapists also provide couples counseling for premarital, infidelity or marriage-related issues.

For example, sex therapy can be helpful for individuals who experience premature ejaculation (PE), painful intercourse or dyspareunia (recurrent genital pain). PE is a common problem among men that is not easily diagnosed and treated. In most cases, PE is the result of psychological or emotional factors. However, in a small percentage of cases, PE may be caused by medical conditions such as gynecologic or urological disorders. In most cases, PE can be effectively treated with behavioral training and a change in behavior.

Psychologist and sex therapists san diego can offer a variety of services, including online therapy sessions for individuals, couples or groups. They can also help with other relationship-related challenges such as conflict resolution, infidelity and sexual assault recovery. They can even offer guidance for a range of personal issues, including low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and depression. sex therapist san diego

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