There’s a lot on the line when you’re facing criminal charges: your freedom, your reputation, and your rights as a citizen of the United States. You need a top-notch criminal defense lawyer louisiana on your side to protect you from overzealous law enforcement officers and prosecutors. But how do you find one? Here are six qualities to look for.

A strong criminal defense lawyer will have a wide breadth of experience in different types of cases. They’ll know how to build a solid case on your behalf, whether you’re charged with possession of a controlled substance, homicide, or aggravated assault. You should also consider how long they’ve been in practice.

Homicide is a serious crime with severe penalties, including life in prison without the possibility of parole. A good violent crimes defense attorney will understand the complexities of the laws surrounding this charge and be able to help you avoid conviction.

Drug crimes in Louisiana are handled in both state and federal courts, depending on the type of drug you’re accused of having and the level of offense. A skilled Louisiana criminal defense attorney will be able to make the argument that you were unaware of the presence of a controlled substance or that it was obtained illegally.

If you’re convicted of disturbing the peace, you could face serious penalties that include fines or jail time. A good criminal trespass defense attorney will be able to argue that the prosecution has insufficient evidence to prove that you were aware that the property was private and that you entered it unlawfully.

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