Sunlight is a clean energy source that can be used to power homes and businesses, heat water, heat buildings, and produce electricity on a large scale at utility plants. Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy by using photovoltaic technology. Concentrating solar systems use mirrors or lenses to focus the sun’s energy into a small beam, heating a working fluid that generates electricity or heat. These technologies are being applied to reduce the cost of renewable power, and have also been used to improve grid reliability in regions where there is high penetration of solar electricity.

With efficiencies evolving, costs reducing every day and new battery solutions now being developed, solar has never been a more affordable option for homeowners. And a well-designed system can help you avoid rising utility prices for years to come.

Homeowners can benefit from reduced or zero electric bills while earning tax credits and savings. Plus, they can become more self-sufficient by producing their own energy from a residential solar power system and selling the unused energy back to the electric grid.

One hour of noontime summer sun provides more energy than the world’s entire current demand for electricity. We have an incredible solar resource in the United States, and many cities and states are seeing significant solar penetration with lower than expected costs.

A Star Plus Energy system produces a steady stream of income from the electricity it generates for your business. This makes it a smart investment that will pay for itself in just a few years, while generating a positive return on your capital. Plus, it helps protect your business from rising utility rates and pollution.

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