Star Plus Electrical, based in Adelaide, is a locally owned and operated business that provides a range of plumbing, electrician, air conditioning and roof restoration services. Star Plus Electrical also offers a 24/7 emergency callout service.

The company has been fined $125,000 in the Federal Court after a judge found it engaged in misleading conduct by posting fake reviews on Yellow Pages and Product Review websites. The company also submitted false proofs of purchase documents to Product Review. The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs began legal action against the company and its related business SPG(SA) Pty Ltd in April 2017. Star Plus Group pleaded guilty to multiple charges of making false representations about its service.

People mostly tend to think of themselves as expert DIYers and try to mitigate electrical issues. However, electricity can be very dangerous if you become failure to treat it with respect; it can even kill too. Moreover, it can be time-taking and end up scaling up the issue at hand. Here comes the role of professional electrical contractors in Wiltshire.

Having adequate knowledge about the field, they can resolve any electrical problem without much of a stretch. If you are still confused to understand why you should consider an expert electrical contractor, continue reading this article.

Reasons to consider a professional contractor for electrical issues

Better Safety- Previously illustrated that electrical work often is a tedious task and dangerous if not properly done. For its complicated nature, amateurs are recommended not to handle it. It can be risky for you and your family and put your home equipment at risk, even if the slightest errors occur. It can cause issues in the future too and even can result in life-threatening fires and injuries.

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