Teaching Experience

   Assistant Professor

University of Windsor
Contemporary Moral Issues Fall 2018
Reasoning Skills, Fall 2018
Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2019
Indigenous Thought of the Americas, Spring 2019
Environmental Ethics, Fall 2019
Philosophy and Language, Fall 2019

  Post Doctoral Fellow

DePauw University
Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2016
Native American Philosophy Spring 2017
Feminism and Science Spring 2017
Ethical Issues in Indian Country Spring 2017

   Contingent/Adjunct Faculty

       University of Washington
       Practical Reasoning Spring 2018

       Bellevue College
       Contemporary Moral Problems Winter 2018
       Introduction to Philosophy Winter 2018

Seattle University
Introduction to Philosophy  Spring 2016

Green River College
Critical Thinking  Winter 2016
Introduction to Philosophy (Hybrid)  Winter 2016

Pacific Lutheran University
Women and Philosophy  Fall 2015

   Solo Instructor, University of Washington-Tacoma

Introduction to Philosophy   Summer 2014
Practical Reasoning   Winter 2014 , Spring 2014

   Solo Instructor, University of Washington

Contemporary Moral Problems   Summer 2013
Practical Reasoning   Spring 2011

UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Summer Challenge for 5th and 6th grade:
“The Meaning of Life” Introduction to Philosophy   Summer 2006