In the realm of firefighting equipment, versatility and ease-of-use are non-negotiable qualities. This Crommelins Honda Fire Fighting 1.5 Petrol Water Pump with Twin Impeller, 5.5hp certainly meets these criteria, providing a reliable and effective tool for those on the frontline of fighting fires.

Suitable for a range of rural firefighting scenarios, this portable pump can draw water from a pond or stream and propel it over distances up to 75 meters using an impressive head pressure. This impressive head height means that firefighters can stay safely at a distance while still working to extinguish the flames from a nearby wild land fire.

Thanks to a lightweight design and convenient handle, this pump can be moved from the fire truck to the scene of a fire with minimal effort. This is especially important if you are operating in remote locations or on uneven ground, making it an excellent choice for those involved in forest and home/cottage firefighting. The inclusion of a trolley further increases this pump’s mobility, ensuring it can be transported to the fire site quickly and easily. Detailed maintenance instructions can be found in the user manual for additional convenience.

Available in a range of power capacities, fluid capacities and head heights, Feld Fire’s collection of portable pumps is sure to have the ideal option for your fire suppression system. Browse online to learn more about these highly effective pumps or speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative for further assistance. best portable fire pump

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